IFCBA and WCO Celebrate 25 Years of Collaboration

The International Federation of Customs Brokers (IFCBA) celebrated its 25th anniversary with meetings at the World Customs Organization (WCO) Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on 18-19 May 2015. » more

About the IFCBA

The IFCBA has been representing the interests of the worlds' customs brokers and their clients since 1990. Many of our member associations have been involved in similar activities within their own countries for nearly a century. » more

Recent News

The IFCBA is pleased to announce that the Mexican Confederation of Customs Brokers (CAAAREM) has elected Mr. José Antonio Vidales Flores as its President for the period 2015-2017, replacing Mr. Victor Gamas Luna. This election took place during the CAAAREM Annual General Assembly held on July 11, 2015.

On behalf of all members, we congratulate Mr. Vidales Flores on his new position.

For more information, please visit the following news article published by El Economista on July 12, 2015: http://eleconomista.com.mx/industrias/2015/07/12/caaarem-designa-nuevo-p...


Delegates register for the First National Conference of CDO

Delegates register for the First National Conference of CDO.

More than two hundred customs brokers from across Angola gathered together in Luanda on July 15-16 to mark the first national conference of the Camara Dos Despachantes Oficiais de Angola (CDO).  CDO President Pedro Da Costa Bequengue, who is also a Managing Director of the IFCBA, opened the conference and encouraged delegates to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this event which featured many high-calibre speakers.

CDO President, Pedro Da Costa Bequengue, responds to a media interview. 

Delegates learned about the Word Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation and its anticipated impact for Angola generally and customs brokers specifically.  A National Committee on Facilitation will be the key forum for discussing international trade matters going forward.  Throughout the presentations, consideration was given to the current and future role of customs brokers in Angola.  Delegates actively participated in the Question and Answer periods that followed each presentation.

Inalda Menjenje, the Director General of Customs and Revenue for Angola held the audience’s intention as she gave a comprehensive presentation on risk management within her department.  She referred to well-trained customs brokers as risk management experts. The high level of interest in her words was evidenced by the many thoughtful questions raised afterward.  The level of openness demonstrated by Dr. Menjenje sets a very positive stage for future consultations between the Customs department and customs brokers. Many countries would be pleased to have a Customs leader with Ms. Menjenje’s knowledge and attitude.

Angola's Director General of Customs and Revenue, Dr. Inalda Menjenje, addesses the conference. 

IFCBA Secretary Carol West spoke to delegates about “Customs Brokers and SMEs in the Growth of the World Economy”. She expanded on the critical roles played by national customs brokers associations in providing value to members, their clients as well as to government. Associations represent the interests of their members and their members’ clients to government but they also can play a critical role in developing the knowledge and expertise of their members by providing education and professional development programs.  SMEs in particular rely on the expertise of customs brokers – a knowledgeable, professional customs broker is critical to the development of SMEs as the drivers of a country’s economic growth.

IFCBA Secretary, Carol West, responds to a question on her presentation.

Mr. Jaime Pires Mateus spoke specifically of the important role of customs brokers in accurately assessing amounts owing to the government and in presenting high quality customs declarations.  He characterized the customs broker as an important ally in fighting commercial fraud.

Dr. Jaime Mateus is introduced by CDO Vice-President, José Pacheco.

Many speakers encouraged the CDO to continue its work in promoting the transparency and publication of government policy and procedures relating to trade and to consider how best to serve its members’ needs in the field of training.  The future of Angola depends on the forward-thought of its citizens particularly those who have the opportunity to positively influence its future economic growth.

The active participation of delegates during the question and answer periods and the high levels of commitment and skill evidenced by the CDO leadership team throughout the conference bode well for the CDO’s future. Congratulations to Pedro Da Costa Bequengue and the other CDO leaders for a job incredibly well done!!

From left to right: Jorge Oliveira, an IFCBA Past Chairman; Pedro Da Costa Bequengue, CDO President and IFCBA Managing Director; and José Pacheco, CDO Vice-President and IFCBA Director, in conversation with Dr. Aguinaldo Jaime, Lawyer, Chairman of Regulatory Insurance Supervision Agency 


The US government’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency’s air cargo advance screening (ACAS) pilot programme is asking for new participants as it has been extended again, pushing back the date by which its implementation becomes mandatory for the airfreight community.

The ACAS pilot is a voluntary test in which participating companies submit a subset of required advance air cargo data to CBP at the earliest point practicable prior to loading of the cargo onto the aircraft, destined to or transiting through the US. The ACAS data is used to target high risk air cargo.

The CBP also says of the advance information, that it must be submitted no later than the time of departure of the aircraft for the US or four hours prior to arrival in the US, depending on the point of origin.

This has been excerpted from the July 31 2015 edition of Air Cargo Week and is available in its entirety at: http://www.aircargoweek.com/cargo-omitted-from-gatwicks-response/

20:26. Lima, May. 29. Peru and Honduras signed a Free Trade Agreement, which aims at boosting trade and investments in both nations.
The ceremony was held at the Lima Government Palace. It saw the participation of hosting nation's President Ollanta Humala and his Honduran counterpart Juan Orlando Hernandez.
It must be noted the illustrious guest had arrived in Lima on Thursday night to pay the corresponding official visit.
The accords were signed by the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Magali Silva and Honduran Minister of Foreign Affairs Auturo Corrales Alvarez.
This has been excerpted from the April 29 2015 edition of Andina and is available in its entirety at: http://www.andina.com.pe/ingles/noticia-peru-and-honduras-sign-free-trad...

The free trade agreement between Mexico and Panama became effective on July 1, 2015, Panama's Ministry of Trade and Industry said.

The FTA was signed in Panama on April 3, 2014. It was ratified by Mexico on April 20, 2015.

Under the FTA, Mexico will immediately receive preferential tariff treatment on 72 percent of agreed products, including copper, aluminum, steel, automobiles, auto parts, paints, cosmetics, and perfumes. Tariffs on the remaining products will be lowered gradually, after five years.

Panama noted that the FTA will give it access to a potential market of over 112m people – a market some 36 times larger than the Panamanian market.

It is expected that the FTA will pave the way for Panama to become a full member of the Pacific Alliance (PA) trade bloc, comprising Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

This has been excerpted from the 3 July 2015 edition of Tax-News and is available in its entirety at: http://www.tax-news.com/news/MexicoPanama_FTA_Effective____68509.html