2014 IFCBA World Conference

The International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations held its bi-annual world conference "Celebrating 25 Years of Trade Facilitation through Expertise and Innovation" in Seoul, Korea from May 13-17, 2014. Please click here for the press release and for the new IFCBA executive team. 

About the IFCBA

The IFCBA has been representing the interests of the worlds' customs brokers and their clients since 1990. Many of our member asoociations have been involved in similar activities within their own countries for nearly a century. » more

Recent News

APEC economies are pressing ahead with efforts to accelerate trade and economic growth through the elimination of costly delays to the flow of goods as they cross international borders, undeterred by the unexpected challenge to implementation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation now facing members of the World Trade Organization.

Senior customs and trade officials from the APEC region are currently meeting in Beijing for the first time since WTO members failed to enact a protocol on 31 July required to proceed with adoption of the agreement that would ease trade bottlenecks through greater simplification of customs rules and processes.

This has been excerpted from an 18 August 2014 news release by APEC and is available in its entirety at:

The WCO has published a new guide called "The Why & How of Performance Measurement Contracts" (WCO PMC Guide). The WCO PMC Guide describes an innovative approach to targeted improvements in Customs border controls using data extracted from Customs clearance systems; measurement; and performance contracts between Customs Directors General and frontline Customs officers.

The Guide is available on the WCO website at:

The WTO updated its Statistics Database on 5 August 2014. This now includes data for 2013 on global exports and imports of merchandise and on trade in commercial services. The data are available by country, region and commodity/service.

The Statistics Database is available on the WTO website at:

The Law on Customs issued by the National Assembly in June and due to take effect on January 1, 2015 demonstrates the efforts of the government in reforming customs procedures. However, many issues will need to be clarified. Baker & McKenzie Vietnam partner Nguyen Lan Phuong and senior trade practitioner Tran Ngoc Trung take a look at the issues.

This has been excerpted from a 29 July 2014 article by Vietnam Investment Review and is available in its entirety at:

India could put a landmark World Trade Organization deal in jeopardy at hectic negotiations in Geneva after saying it would withhold support for the agreement unless there was simultaneous progress on resolving a dispute over its food security program.

India would like the WTO — which set itself a deadline of July 31 for the deal on the movement of goods across borders — to address its concerns over a cap on subsidies that could limit government stocks of grain that are part of its food program.

This has been excerpted from a 28 July 2014 news item by India West and is available in its entirety at: