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Although the registration deadline has passed for those who require a visa to travel to China, if you already have a Chinese visa and have not yet registered for the IFCBA 2016 World Conference in Shanghai from May 17-21, you still have time to submit your registration request. The deadline for submission of your registration package to the IFCBA Secretariat is May 1, 2016. Unfortunately, registrations cannot be accepted after that date.

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WTO members held their first discussions on 22 April regarding implementation of the Ministerial Decision on Preferential Rules of Origin for Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The Ministerial Decision was one of the key outcomes of the WTO’s 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi last December.

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Russian Federation ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement

The Russian Federation has become the 77th WTO member to ratify the new Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). The Russian Federation’s Minister of Economic Development, Alexey Ulyukaev, met with Director-General Roberto Azevêdo on 22 April and presented his country’s TFA instrument of acceptance

India ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement

India has ratified the new Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). India’s WTO ambassador Anjali Prasad handed over her country’s instrument of acceptance to Director-General Roberto Azevêdo on 22 April.

WTO: Vietnam Scores “Impressive” Import/Export Growth in 2015

The World Trade Organization (WTO) recently released its “World Trade 2016 and Prospects 2016” report. In it, the only nation to achieve “impressive” import-export growth in 2015 was a surprising Southeast Asian nation: Vietnam.

The report analyzed the performance of 30 of the leading import-export economies of the world that are members of the WTO. None of the other nations reviewed showed results for import-export growth last year that were as high as Vietnam’s...

Russia to Boost Trade Volume with China

The Russian government is pushing hard for greater economic co-operation with China - signing big energy deals such as a natural gas pipeline that will bring gas from Russia's far East to China.

But Moscow has signalled it also wants more trade between ordinary businesses...

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World Bank Seeks Nigeria’s Ratification Of Trade Facilitation Agreement

The World Bank is exploring ways through which it can help Nigeria ratify Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) reached in Rotterdam, Netherlands in December 2013.

In pursuit of this, a team of the World Bank and WTO lead by Nigeria’s Ambassador to the WTO, Mr David Ademola Adejuwon and World Bank’s senior private sector development specialist for Trade Facilitation, Mr Manuel Henriques visited the Nigeria’s Shippers’ Council, economic regulator of the seaports, yesterday at the council’s headquarters in Lagos...

Global trade in fake goods worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year - OECD & EUIPO

Imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, or around 2.5% of global imports, with US, Italian and French brands the hardest hit and many of the proceeds going to organised crime, according to a new report by the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office.

DG Azevêdo: A healthy trading system requires progress and engagement at all levels

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 14 April, Director-General Roberto Azevêdo maintained that the proliferation of regional trade agreements (RTAs) in recent years has helped to expand world trade. But he also highlighted that some trade issues can only be solved globally and “it is at the global level that we need to take a considered view of the evolution of RTAs and of the trade negotiating agenda” to achieve a balanced, harmonious and inclusive framework. 

Trade in value-added and global value chains: statistical profiles

These statistical profiles show the value-added content in an economy's exports, its participation in global value chains and the contribution of services to the value-added content of exports. They also cover trade in intermediate goods and services, trade facilitation and foreign direct investment.

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