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EU US Joint Statement on Supply Chain Security

On 23 June 2011 in Brussels, the European Union and the United States issued a joint statement on supply chain security.  

EU votes to add Croatia to 27-nation bloc


 The following is from the 24 June 2011 edition of The Globe and Mail. 

Customs Frequently Asked Questions from Japan

The Japan Customs Brokers Association would like to share some Customs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with IFCBA members.

These FAQs can be found at http://www.customs.go.jp/english/c-answer_e/customsanswer_e.htm

IFCBA Website Update!

Welcome to the new IFCBA website.  Through this site we will

   1.  Encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and opinions among members

   2.  Deliver important news to members quickly

   3.  Promote the valuable role played by customs brokers in facilitation; and

   4.  Publicize the services provided by customs brokers in our member countries.

Members will receive regular newsletter updates through this site and are encouraged to submit articles for the newsletter or the Calendar of Events at any time.