HS Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

To mark the occasion of the Harmonized System’s 30th anniversary, ICBA Secretary Carol West, on behalf of all members, has written the following letter to Mr. Liu Ping, Director of the Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate, WCO.

Dear Mr. Liu,

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your team on this important anniversary at the WCO – the 30th anniversary of the Harmonized System!

As the Harmonized System marks its 30th birthday, we can truly celebrate a common language that is used by so many people in so many countries.  Where would we be without a common language? How difficult would trade be? How would we gather trade data and statistics so that economic decisions can be made in the interests of national, regional and global prosperity?

Although not necessarily an easy language to learn, the HS has been the language of trade. And, like any language, new words are added and some fall out of use.  The leadership of the WCO in keeping pace with and responding to 30 years of change has been appreciated by both industry and Customs administrations alike.

Customs brokers around the world work with the Harmonized System every day and have an excellent sense of its complexities and the challenges associated with the effective implementation of the HS.  On behalf of the IFCBA and our customs broker members in all regions of the world, we recognize the importance of the Harmonized System and wish the WCO and its member administrations all the best as the HS grows and evolves over its next 30 years.

Have a wonderful celebration!

Carol West

Secretary, IFCBA