WTO members review safeguard actions, discuss increased use at the WTO's Committee on Safeguards meeting

Source: WTO

At the biannual meeting of the WTO’s Committee on Safeguards on 26 April, WTO members reviewed a large number of safeguard actions taken by fellow members. Several members also reiterated their concern with the increased use, in general, of this trade-defence tool in recent years.

Twenty-six notifications of safeguards (SG) actions received since the committee's October 2020 meeting were addressed and a number of general issues were raised at the 26 April meeting, which was chaired by Mr Mustafa Tuzcu (Turkey). Japan, Korea, China, Australia and Canada voiced general concern about the frequency of resort to safeguards. Other general issues raised concerned the impact of safeguards on global trade and supply chains, and the importance of adhering to WTO disciplines on the use of safeguards given that these measures are intended to address emergency situations.

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