What is a customs broker?

Customs brokers turn knowledge into real business value

Customs brokers operate at the very centre of international trade as the catalyst that makes trade happen efficiently and within the boundaries of the law.

They gather, organize, and manage the commercial and trade data required to expedite the movement of goods across borders and often handle the payment of appropriate duties and taxes on these goods.

In many countries, customs brokers are licensed by their governments to perform specific tasks identified as their scope of practice (that is, no other third party can perform these tasks on behalf of importers and exporters).

Increasingly, the data provided by customs brokers for commercial and trade purposes has also supported governments’ risk management and security strategies.

Customs brokers possess wide‐ranging skills and deep knowledge about trade processes and procedures, including classification, valuation, rules of origin, admissibility requirements, duty rates, taxes and supply chain security.


Customs brokers make borders work by managing data, managing relationships and managing complexity, for both large and small business.