China amends Advance Cargo Information Requirements

China's General Administration of Customs (GACC) is amending its advance cargo information requirements for imports and exports from June 1.

..."The notice requires additional data elements to be communicated related to Inbound and Outbound Transportation by Air and Sea. The purpose of this announcement per the GACC is to 'enhance the control over inbound/outbound vessels, aircrafts and the goods thereon by means of data declaration….'"

Some of the additional data elements required are:

  • Consignor Contact Number
  • Consignor Specific Contact Name
  • Consignor Enterprise Registration Code or Unified Social Credit Code
  • Consignee Contact Number
  • Consignee Specific Contact Name
  • Consignee Enterprise Registration Code or Unified Social Credit Code
  • Notifier Contact Number (if consignee is TO ORDER)
  • Notifier Specific Contact Name (if consignee is TO ORDER)
  • Notifier Registration Code or Unified Social Credit Code (if consignee is TO ORDER)
  • Complete and accurate brief description of goods

Manifest data must be transmitted to the GACC prior to arrival or departure within the timeframes prescribed per mode of transportation.

... Air Canada advised that from June 1 it will be mandatory to include the shipper code and contact identifier on the Master AWB and House AWB for all shipments destined to or transiting through China.

"The shipper code corresponds to a number that varies per country (in Canada for example, it is the Corporation Number). The shipper code must be indicated on the source document (on the OCI line of the AWB). Air Canada Cargo cannot verify the validity and authenticity of shipper codes. Please ensure all data is true and correct to avoid delays or penalties.

"The contact identifier corresponds to the method of contact for the shipper, such as fax or telephone. The contact number is the corresponding number; it must not include any special characters such as dashes (-) or dots (.), for example: Telephone: 5555555555."

The notice may be found here in Chinese:

An English translation may be found here:


This is excerpted from the 24 May 2018 edition of AirCargoNews.