IFCBA HS survey summary

Dear IFCBA Directors,

Thank you again to representatives from IFCBA member associations for your contribution to our survey on the WCO’s Harmonized System of Tariff Classification (HS).

Please click here for the survey results and we hope this will be a positive addition to the HS review. We had 164 individual responses from customs brokers around the world, and we know that some of you who responded to our survey also responded to the WCO survey posted on the WCO website.

Our community believes that the HS is still fit for purpose, and we have commented that:

The IFCBA supports and welcomes further dialogue on how the language of the HS, and its tools, can be improved to promote compliance in classification, and how implementation of changes can be facilitated. This is the very heart of the work performed by our members, which is an important part of their connection with national Customs administrations, contributing to national competitiveness and prosperity.”

The IFCBA has appreciated the opportunity to contribute to this work, and will keep members informed of the next steps with the HS review.

Best wishes to all,
Carol West
Secretary, IFCBA
Mobile: +1 613 884 4408