New WTO publication underlines need to boost women's participation in trade

Source: WTO

A new WTO book on trade and gender, published on 14 September, looks at ways of bolstering women’s participation in international trade and highlights how women’s economic empowerment can support trade growth and economic development. Launched at the WTO’s Public Forum, the book brings together the latest research on the role of trade policy in improving gender equality.

Entitled “Making trade work for women: key findings from the World Trade Congress on Gender”, the book builds on the research presented at the first World Trade Congress on Gender held at the WTO in December 2022, which brought together researchers and policy makers from across the globe.

The book stresses the need to help women overcome obstacles to participating in trade and reaffirms that making trade policy more responsive to gender issues improves inclusiveness and supports sustainable growth. It highlights gender-relevant measures incorporated in governments' trade policies and covers topics such as the experiences of women entrepreneurs, gender provisions in trade agreements, the gender wage gap, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on women's trade capacities, and the opportunities of digitalization.

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