Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG) Responds to Request of Ukraine's Customs Counsellor in Brussels

The PSCG has received a request from Mr. Igor Dankov, Ukraine’s Customs Counsellor in Brussels for a statement against the war in Ukraine. PSCG Chair Jaime King has responded with the following message.

Mr Dankov. 

Thank you very much for contacting me. As you may be aware, The PSCG is a group of companies and organizations involved in International Trade with an advisory role to the WCO Secretary General, the Policy Commission  and its members. We have an observer status and therefore can't participate in the internal affairs of the organization. These matters are for WCO members to decide.

On the other hand, many of our members have already made public statements about this crisis through their corporate offices. The WCO also released its own message yesterday, as such, the PSCG will support and be guided by the position adopted by the WCO.

At a personal level, I am deeply moved by the suffering that this conflict has caused to many people in Ukraine and wish for an end to this unbearable situation.

Saludos cordiales/ Best wishes. 

Ing. Fco. Jaime King Cancino


Dear Mr King

I am Igor Dankov, Ukraine's customs attache based in Brussels. I obtained your contact details from the WCO.

I am writing to you as you are the Chair of the Private Sector Consultative Group in the WCO. You know about the act of the brutal and unprovoked aggression that Russia and Belarus committed against Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

This is not a "special military operation" as Russians call it. It is the war between aggressors and the whole civilised world.

A lot of measures were taken against aggressors by many organisations including the WTO. However, the WCO has not reacted yet.

This war is a crucial damage to international trade, it brings the major disruption of the supply chain in the world. Great humanitarian catastrophe is taking place in Europe as more than 2 million people from Ukraine flee the country and the number increases.

Serious impact is made on Ukraine's customs - the key priorities now include clearance of humanitarian aid and facilitating crossing the border by people fleeing from war.

We have approached the WCO to respond as follows:

1. Issue a statement to condemn war (eg - like recent resolution of GA UN)

2. Block Russia/Belarus in the WCO (participation in committees, etc.)

3. Expel Russia and Belarus from the WCO

As the war seriously impacts business and customs operations, would you join us and support the above demands?

We need to be united and act very quickly.

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards

Igor Dankov
Ukraine's Customs Counsellor